Ground Investigation in Scotland

Hydracrat is one of the UK’s premier ground investigation contractors. We specialise in:

  1. Coal exploration
  2. Geothermal Boreholes
  3. Geotechnical Ground Investigation
  4. Large Diameter Drilling
  5. Water Wells
  6. Earthing Rod Installations

Hydracrat is the home to the renowned HYCAT drilling rig fleet which are all designed, assembled and maintained in-house by our dedicated team.

We also operate numerous other plant including tracked support vehicles, recovery vehicles, pumps etc. Our fleet is available to assist drilling operations when and where necessary and are perfectly capable of coping with arduous terrain.

Furthermore, we have our own in-house expertise to plan, execute, and report on geotechnical investigations using experienced staff.

All of our operations are aimed at reducing environmental damage.

Hydracrat was founded back in February 1960 to establish itself as a leading ground investigation contractor. From the 1970s, Hydracrat performed a key role in proving Scotland’s largest and most successful open cast coal sites.

Our primary advantage was that we had the expertise to design and build our own drilling machines onto purpose built low ground pressure wide tracked vehicles called HYCATs which were used predominantly by British Coal to prove Scotland’s open cast coal reserves under very thick peat bogs up and down the country.

This in-house expertise is one of the key reasons why we remain one of the leading drilling contractors in the UK today.