Coal Exploration

More often than not, mineral exploration sites are either soft peat bogs or rough moorland. Whatever the conditions our range of "Hycat" rigs are perfectly capable of coping with arduous terrain.

All of our Hycat rigs were designed and constructed to drill to a depth of 200mts quickly, using 120mm drilling systems. All of our Hycat rigs have on board air compressors, hydraulic core extruders, integral casing and rod racks, all of which are necessary for reducing environmental damage, and providing an efficient service.

The illustration to the right shows a 50" wide track Hycat drilling a peat bog in Central Scotland along with it's own back-up vehicle which carries 2500lts of fuel and up to 500mts of A.W casing for geophysical logging operations, along with integral mast assembly for A.W casing retrieval.