Geothermal Boreholes

Geothermal energy is harnessing the stable temperature of the ground and utilising it to maintain a desired temperature in your home or premises. It is seen as a cost-effective, clean energy source, capable of heating and cooling your home or commercial premises with minimal grid energy input. The Ground Source Energy market has grown rapidly in recent years thanks to government grants and the reduced cost and increased efficiency of the technology required.

 boreholes2Hydracrat works hand-in-hand with selected MCS Accredited installation partners to provide Ground Source Heat Pump solutions for any scheme; from small, single borehole domestic vertical collector loop systems, through to larger commercial systems incorporating multiple vertical collector loops.

Hydracrats unique plant and expertise offer excellent services to the growing geothermal sector in the UK. With decades of experience in drilling deep boreholes in some of the countries most challenging environments. Our powerful drilling rigs can make quick work of geothermal boreholes upto 200m depth and beyond.

boreholes1Boreholes are drilled and backfilled in compliance with all current standards and to meet the projects unique specification. Typical collector loops installed include 32mm or 40mm loops up to 200m in length. Each loop is pressure tested after installation to ensure the integrity of the installation and then capped awaiting the final connection to the ground source heat pump. Grouting of the borehole can be done to the exact specification of the project.

If you are considering a geothermal installation at your premises, let Hydracrat assist with your planning and installation.