Water Wells

water-250Hydracrat offer a nationwide service for meeting domestic and commercial clients water well requirements with our in-house expertise and equipment. The tried and tested procedures adopted by Hydracrat when locating a ground water supply have proven to be successful and cost effective over many years with many of our clients referring our professional services to others that would benefit from an installation.

The financial savings of installing your own water well are clear. Clients with commercial premises or farming operates can often see returns on their investment very quickly following commissioning of your own production well and can completely negate the requirement for an external water feed to their premises – making huge savings on water bills. Domestic clients can benefit from a private supply too. Isolated property locations or poor quality mains supply can be an issue completely resolved by installing your own water well.

WaterWell1-250Our in-house project staff have first-hand experience of a huge range of installations and can offer expert advice tailored to your requirements. Your required volume, use and location are all factored into our service. Our expert knowledge of the market leading pumps and components can help in determining the best solution to your needs.

Our approach to new water wells is determined by your needs. For a high capacity well or to ensure the best possible supply all year round, we have developed a three stage programme to give the optimum results for your site;

  • Stage 1 – A desk study should be carried out to determine as accurately as possible from available information whether a suitable ground water supply is likely to be encountered from within the clients property.
  • Stage 2 – Assuming the findings of the desk study prove to be encouraging, we will recommend the drilling of a small diameter probe borehole to a particular depth. The objective of the probe borehole is to locate a ground water source, indicating ground water quantity and quality, as economically as possible. Once stage 2 is complete we will then provide a fixed price quotation to complete a production well installation.
  • Stage 3 – This quite simply entails the construction of a production well or wells, based on the findings of stage 2.

WaterWell2-250In addition to well drilling and installing, our specialist operatives have vast experience in fault finding and resolution. A correctly installed water well utilising quality components will last for many years without any maintenance required, however, with many contractors installing wells cheaply and quickly, often issues can arise down the line and your supply can be compromised due to failures in components or poorly drilled and installed borehole casing and well screens. Hydracrat have the expertise to advise and resolve most water well issues. We only use the best quality components and practices in our installations, ensuring the best service and longevity of our products, be it a new installation or revamping an existing production well with the latest high grade components.

If you are considering a water well installation at your premises, let Hydracrat assist with your planning and installation.