Large Diameter Drilling

  • 13 3/8 “ Conductor Casing set to 100mts.
  • 9 5/8 “ Surface casings set to 300mts.
  • Exploration Wireline core drilling 60mm core to 1500mts.
  • Large diameter Water Well drilling 400mm to 300mts.


For many years, Hydracrat have been involved with the completion of large diameter boreholes and deep drilling for the water and energy markets with our specialist fleet of drilling rigs. We have the capability of drilling up to 24 inch diameter boreholes and depth capabilities in excess of 1500 metres depending on the requirements of the project.

Hydracrat works with our clients to ensure each project is planned and executed to the exacting standards required within the UKs regulations and licensing for large diameter and deep borehole drilling.

Drilling plant and techniques are selected to suit each project individually. Open discussion and two-way communication with our clients are key to ensure the best methods are selected, priced and deployed for each project.

All of our deep drilling rigs are track mounted to reduce moving and setting up time scales. With recent investment in the market-leading water recirculation techniques in addition to our tried and tested air flushing system, we are sure to be able to deliver the right flush medium for your project on cost and on programme.

All our drill crews and project management staff are highly experienced individuals. All foreman drillers are accredited to NVQ level 2 in Land Drilling.

Large-Diameter-DrillingOur largest top drive rotary rig was specifically designed and manufactured for large diameter and deep drilling projects. The rig weighs 30 tonnes, utilises 9m mast stroke/drill pipe, 10,000lbs/ft torque and an on-board high pressure compressor. Additional flush volume or alternative flushing mediums are designed and utilised on a project specific basis to best suit the borehole. This rig is ideally placed to meet any top holing requirements you may have as its manoeuvrability and size allows for simple access to your site without the need for multiple deliveries of rig components to set surface and conductor casing of various sizes.

Our preferred option is to get involved in a project at an early stage to discuss and develop the project and client requirements to ensure the process is as smooth as possible and to achieve a successful outcome.

Should you wish to discuss any projects that you may feel our services would be beneficial, please do not hesitate to contact us for a no obligation, confidential discussion on your upcoming project